About Ron

Experience to help you to reach your goals

Ron embarked on his 30+ year career in commercial real estate as the Leasing Director at Polimeni Realty.  His primary focus was on leasing, representing both company-owned assets and properties owned by 3rd party investors and developers. This early experience laid the foundation for his future accomplishments in the field.

After many years of success at Polimeni, having been recognized three times as leading producer companywide, Ron began his own venture, Epstein Real Estate Co. ERECOwas focused on tenant representation on behalf of regional and national retail brands.  Among his clients were many QSR and fast-casual chains which included ground-up development.  The skills cultivated during this time set the stage for the next step in his career: Commercial Development.

Raising the Stakes

In 1999, Ron’s expertise was called upon once again when he was invited back to reunite with his esteemed colleagues at Polimeni – this time as Partner & Executive Vice President of Polimeni International.  In this role, Ron spearheaded a remarkable journey that included launching and overseeing a groundbreaking development program in Poland. Simultaneously, Ron played a key role in coordinating and repositioning a new portfolio acquisition in the highly competitive New York tri-state area.

Under Ron’s leadership, the international team successfully developed six retail projects, amounting to an impressive 1.4 million square feet with more than 300 tenants.  This endeavor was marked by the team’s ability to navigate multiple legal jurisdictions, myriad tax regimes, three different currencies, multiple languages and six time zones. The fruits of their labor were evident when Ron accepted consecutive awards for “Shopping Center of the Year” at the prestigious 2007 and 2008 Central & Eastern European Retail Awards Conference.

Consulting & Global Collaboration 

Shaking the dust off in the years following the 2008 financial collapse, Ron’s entrepreneurial spirit once again in 2011, when he founded Baltic America Properties. Here, he structured a dynamic team of independent contractors, offering development and acquisition consulting to investors seeking to acquire assets in Poland. Notably, Ron collaborated with a French national pension fund to draft and co-sponsor a bid for a $190 million value-add retail portfolio owned by a London-based hedge fund.

Returning to the United States, Ron used this experience to advise investors, developers, and retailers in his own back yard (maybe a bit further) – New York State. One of his standout achievements during this period was the meticulous planning and co-sponsorship of an $80 million Public-Private Partnership (PPP) proposal for a multifamily/ structured parking facility in downtown Huntington.

Here For You Today

Recognizing their astonishing success in rapidly growing to the 2nd largestresidential brokerage on Long Island, in 2019, Ron joined forces with Realty Connect as AssociateBroker, to initiate and ramp-up a new commercial division, aptly named RCCommercial Partners. Combining Realty Connect’s industry-disruptingbusiness model and his track record of success and broad commercialexperience, Ron and RC Commercial Partners haveclosed more than a hundred million dollars intransactions and quickly made their markas a major player in the region

 Ron’s has said that the most meaningful complimentcame from a colleague on the Poland development team who said, “we were always happy to do whatever you needed, because you never asked us to do anything that you weren’t willing to do for us as well.” 

 Ron Epstein’s journey in commercial real estate reflects his core values.  His word is his bond. Applying the Golden Rule to his clients, partners, and employees alike,from the beginning of his career up to this very day, Ron continues to under-promise and over-deliver.